Around Cork Island Swim 2023

Around Cork Island Swim 2023
June 12, 2023 Cork Harbour Festival

Results 2023

Trevor Malone 1 hour 58 minutes

Paul de Waard 2 hours 24 minutes

Niall Kenny 2 hours 35 minutes

Adrian Healy 2 hours 40 minutes

Andrea Newport 2 hours 48 minutes

David Merriman 2 hours 50 minutes

Andrew Powell 2 hours 54 minutes

Fergal Madden 2 hours 56 minutes

Sunday 4 June

With Sandycove Island Swim Club

An epic 7 km swim around the most iconic urban island in Ireland. This will be a very technical swim considering the following factors: tide height, flow from the dam, start time versus high water and swimmer’s speed, over the shallows and weir with current behind, under bridges with little clearance, mid channel down and hugging banks up, fast feed/s, and swimming up and over the last shallow weirs. This is the fourth year of the Around Cork Island Swim, and builds on the success of the ‘Vibes & Scribes’ Lee Swim.