Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk
April 27, 2023 Cork Harbour Festival
Cork Harbour Festival - Walk and Talk Event
  •  June 6, 2023
     09:00 - 10:00
  •  June 8, 2023
     09:00 - 10:00

With The Sister Hub

The Sister Hub Aghada is a multicultural support network for women in East Cork and in nearby areas. It aims to promote diversity and social inclusion through organised activities focused on mental health, wellness and empowerment. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am, women meet by Rostellan Lake for about an hour of Walk & Talk, followed by coffee,
tea and biscuits. Connect with others while getting good exercise and some fresh air.

Entry: FREE | Open to women 18 years and above, no booking required, just come along.

All Festival Dates: 6 & 8 June


Rostellan, Cork

The 2023 festival programme is now live! 

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