Sea Shanties with the Molgoggers

Sea Shanties with the Molgoggers
May 1, 2019 Cork Harbour Festival
  • June 7, 2019
    19:00 - 20:00

With Nano Nagle Place.

Join the Molgoggers sea shanty and maritime song group in the beautiful Goldie Chapel, a space designed to enhance the sound of the human voice. What a magical combination!  This eight strong, a-cappella  ‘buoy band’ have a fabulous repertoire – and between them they have over 100 years of sea service in the Irish Naval Service. A new festival venue, Nano Nagle Place is an unexpected oasis in the heart of Cork city bringing the story of the inspirational Nano Nagle to life.




Douglas St, Centre, Cork, Cork, Ireland

This year has taught us all to be adaptable and to trim the sails when necessary.
Join us here and we’ll keep you updated on our 2021 festival.